Our preference for direct-to-consumer music often stems from our belief in addressing the depreciation of art, a pressing issue in today’s industry. While streaming services like Spotify offer accessibility, they fall short in providing fair compensation, a core value we uphold. Thus, we don’t actively promote our streaming presence, although it remains available to maintain our catalog.

Joed 4R

Artists like Akae Beka (Benjamin Vaughn) exemplify that music dealing with controversies and profound topics can still thrive on streaming platforms, amassing significant monthly listeners. While we initially considered boycotting Spotify, the reality of its dominance made it impractical. However, our focus remains on direct sales, fostering genuine fan connections, and ensuring a faster return on investment.

We believe everyone should access messages of unity, hence why our music is available widely. Yet, given the choice, we prioritize direct-to-consumer models for building a loyal fan base and meaningful engagement.